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Smart Coupons vs WooCommerce Advanced Coupons – What to Buy

Problem: Too many coupon plugins with almost similar brand names. This article declassifies a few crucial features and clarifies why the Smart Coupons plugin remains a pioneer in the WooCommerce advanced coupons industry.

Last updated on May 22, 2024

While some plugins openly use the term ‘Smart Coupons’ in their names, here’s a key difference to know: Smart Coupons by StoreApps is the real and original WooCommerce coupons plugin.

We have written this article to compare the official WooCommerce plugin Smart Coupons by StoreApps to its counterparts WooCommerce Advanced Coupons and others who use the ‘smart coupons’ phrase in their brand names.

In this blog, you’ll learn the benefits, features, cost, quality of support and other particulars for each plugin. This will allow you to invest your money wisely in the right coupon tool.

Smart Coupons vs WooCommerce Advanced Coupons vs other plugins

This section discusses and evaluates the comparison transparently, so you can decide which WooCommerce advanced coupons plugin or tool is perfect for your online stores.

Let’s compare the Smart Coupons plugin available on the WooCommerce marketplace to other WooCommerce coupons plugins.

Smart Coupons (Official) Advanced Coupons Smart Coupons for WooCommerce WooCommerce Smart Coupons – Extended Coupon Generator
Gift cards / store credit Buy another plugin or bundle Buy another plugin or bundle
Customizable coupon design
Auto-apply coupon
URL coupons Buy another plugin or bundle
Bulk generate coupons and email them Yes but can’t email
Coupon scheduling
BOGO deals Need to buy a separate plugin
Import-export of coupons
Loyalty program Need to buy a separate plugin Need to buy a separate plugin
Advanced coupons restrictions Email, payment methods, location, shipping, user roles, product attributes, taxonomy, quantity in cart Shipping, user roles Payment methods, location, shipping, user roles
Support High-rated support, Documentation, calls & email Documentation & email Documentation & email Email & pay extra for support
5-star reviews 145+ 50+ 60+ 5+

Let’s see these popular WooCommerce advanced coupons plugins in detail.

Smart Coupons plugin by StoreApps

To begin with, Smart Coupons is a fully functional native WooCommerce plugin with a simple interface. It’s a robust all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for multiple plugins.

At $129, Smart Coupons is a reasonably priced option compared to other plugins with fewer functionalities.

The store credit and gift card features on Smart Coupons are an ideal means to increase sales and business. Smart Coupons allows store owners to show coupons throughout their website. This includes the cart, checkout, order confirmation page, blog post and other websites.

When it comes to reviews and customer service, Smart Coupons is the most recommended. Reviews with a 5-star rating are more frequent for the brand.

WooCommerce Smart Coupons features_woocommerce advanced coupons

Key features of this Smart Coupons plugin:

  • Offers gift cards like Amazon, perfect for birthdays and holidays.
  • Sell gift cards at a lower price to attract new customers.
  • Print coupons to create physical gift cards.
  • Allows users to spend credit for subscription renewals by integrating with WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • Limit coupons to specific product quantities in carts, ideal for clearance sales.
  • Offer BOGO deals on the same or different products.
  • Generate shareable links that automatically apply coupons.
  • Offer discounts to new users to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Allows you to bulk-generate and send unique coupon codes.
  • Personalize coupon promo codes with custom prefixes and suffixes.
  • Apply store credits on shipping costs and taxes.
  • Set up an Amazon Prime-like service to offer free shipping to customers.
  • Send fixed amount cashback as store credit to customers.
  • Easily manage, search, filter and export coupons.

Go beyond basic coupon management and discounts with StoreApps’ Smart Coupons!

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Advanced Coupons plugin

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce plugin provides features such as store credits, loyalty programs and gift cards to help business owners improve their coupon experience. It has over 20,000 users and offers a free version with basic features and a paid version with more advanced options.

Some of the key benefits that WooCommerce Advanced Coupons offer include:

  • Create “Buy One Get One” coupon codes with products, groups of products or even whole product categories.
  • Create gift card products so your customers can purchase store credit and gift it to their friends & family.
  • Automatically add a coupon code when cart conditions match, without any intervention from customers.
  • Let customers apply coupon codes by visiting a URL. Great for email campaigns, social media and support.
  • Create better shipping deals than just free shipping.
  • Use the Virtual Coupons feature to create one parent coupon and hundreds or even thousands of child coupons.
  • Show countdown banners for discounts on your products to fuel FOMO or urgency.

However, Advanced Coupons might not be as extensive as StoreApps’ Smart Coupons plugin. You’ll need to buy multiple plugins or bundles to get key features like BOGO, gift cards and store credits.

For instance, the basic WooCommerce coupon generator costs $59 plus an additional $79 for the basic loyalty feature. Additionally, you need to add $59 to generate gift cards. So, the total amounts to roughly $197.

The advanced plans also turns costly for many budget WooCommerce businesses due to bundles.

Moreover, does it really make sense to pay over $200 and work on multiple interfaces and plugins?

Turns out that you have to do too much work just to handle the coupon activities.

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WebToffee Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

While this plugin gives an array of capabilities for WooCommerce store owners to develop and manage coupon promotions, you have to consider a few concerns.

If you want the URL coupons function, you’ll have to spend $49. If you wish to get gift cards, you must spend $99. It is neither cheap nor is it comparable to StoreApps’ Smart Coupons plugin, which can handle all functions.

Some key features of the plugin:

  • Set up buy one get one (BOGO) deals.
  • Create store credits and gift cards.
  • Offer exclusive coupons based on purchase history.
  • Recover lost sales with cart abandonment coupons.
  • Show count-down banners for discounts.
  • Offer signup coupons to new customers.
  • Generate coupons in bulk within a few clicks.
  • Welcome coupons for new customers.
  • Customizable coupon styles and templates.

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce plugin certainly shows promise but it’s not just as suitable as StoreApps’ one.

Moreover, it does not have the substantial user evaluations and documented case studies that the StoreApps plugin has.

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WooCommerce Smart Coupons – Extended Coupon Generator

They also have a similar brand title to the StoreApps plugin. If you’re new to WooCommerce, this plugin is just for you as it offers all the basic features for coupon marketing.

This advanced coupons for WooCommerce is useful for bulk coupon generation, store credits as well as coupon import/export.

The key features of this plugin also include:

  • Get automatic validation of coupon codes and email restrictions at checkout.
  • Email bulk-generated coupons effortlessly.
  • Customize coupon codes with prefixes and suffixes to add a unique touch to promotions.
  • Integrate with the Dokan multi-vendor plugin.

However, when it comes to advanced coupon management functions, this plugin falls short of many key features.

For example, there are no BOGO specials, personalization options or reward programs. On top of that, support or customer service is available through a third-party marketplace called Envato.

The support might not be sufficient for some users, especially given that all other plugins have dedicated support. You must pay an additional fee for support with this plugin.

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StoreApps’ Smart Coupons appear to win out in each vital category. It’s turns out to be the most fitting option as it is ideal for WooCommerce and includes all the required features.

Moreover, StoreApps is the official WooCommerce extensions developer, so you can be confident of the plugins’ quality and reliability.

Make your online business future-proof with the Smart Coupons WooCommerce advanced coupons plugin and enjoy all the premium features!


Which is the cheapest WooCommerce advanced coupons plugin for smart coupons?

The WebToffee and Advanced Coupons plugins are not all-encompassing in nature. It means you must pay an additional fee for the advanced features or bundle package, which could get expensive. Similarly, advanced capabilities and dedicated support in the WooCommerce Smart Coupons – Extended Coupon Generator require an extra subscription. So, in terms of value and pricing, StoreApps’ Smart Coupons is cost-effective given the number of features it offers.

Can I switch to StoreApps’ Smart Coupons if I’m unhappy with another coupon plugin?

Yes. Purchase Smart Coupons from the WooCommerce marketplace. Install and activate and you are good to go.

Is StoreApps’ Smart Coupons compatible with other WooCommerce extensions and plugins?

Yes, it is compatible with Affiliate for WooCommerce, Chained Products, Smart Manager, Email Customizer Pro and more.

Can I print coupons created by Smart Coupons for offline promotions?

Yes, Smart Coupons lets you design and produce printable coupons with unique coupon codes. You can distribute them in magazines or newspapers for online redemption.

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