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How to Bulk Edit WooCommerce Sale Price?

This article explains how you can edit WooCommerce sale price in bulk. Increase or decrease price by number or percentage, use copy from or set as regular price.

Last updated on August 27, 2021

Although it is easy to edit the prices of a couple of products in your WooCommerce store, it becomes a tedious task for store owners and marketers to make edits when there is a massive number of products to edit.

To not to exhaust you with this entire process, Smart Manager comes into the picture. It’s a simple plugin that not just saves your time but also gets the work done aptly.

There are options to discount as well as upgrade your WooCommerce sale price in bulk quickly.

This article will help you understand all the functionality that is available regarding the sale price updates and how you can perform those steps.

Editing WooCommerce sale price and regular price can’t get better than this

You may have to change the product prices multiple times during festivals, holidays or any special occasions when there are multiple offers running on all the products of your stores. You can’t simply invest hours and hours to change the prices of each product manually.

Smart Manager helps you edit the prices of each product as well as the prices of all products in bulk with the same convenience.

You can also set the sale price as regular price, or use ‘copy from’ to assign a single sale price to multiple products.

Steps to perform bulk edit for sale price / regular price

WooCommerce sale price edit
  • Go to Smart Manager > Products dashboard. Click on the top header checkbox to select all items available on your store. Or select the ones you want to set or edit prices for.
  • Click on Bulk Edit which is right on top of the header checkbox. It will open up a slide over panel.
  • Select Sale price from the drop-down list of select field.
  • In the drop-down of the next option set to, you get options to determine the exact sale price you want to set:
    • set to
    • increase by %
    • decrease by %
    • increase by **specific number**
    • decrease by **specific number**
    • copy from
    • set to regular price
  • In the last drop-down, you can fill the value and Update

As you complete this, you will see the Sale price column updated as per the edits you made. You can perform a similar thing when dealing with regular prices in WooCommerce.

Try the live demo

How to update sale price or regular price for a single product or limited products?

Well, you do it directly using the spreadsheet.

  • Click on the cell of the particular item you want to edit
  • Edit the price you wish to set and Save

How to edit sale price based on product category?

  • Mention the product category you wish to edit in the Advanced Search bar placed at the top.
  • Click on Bulk Edit if you wish to edit all the items in one go
  • Select Sale price from the drop-down list of select field
  • In the drop-down of the next option set to, choose the option as per you wish to edit the price.
  • Click on the update button

That’s all.

Using the Advanced Search option, you can edit prices based on product attributes, prices above or below a value, product tags and others.

Get Smart Manager plugin

Ending notes

With Smart Manager, editing the sale price, the regular price has become easier than ever. Not just for products, you can also bulk edit data fields for orders, coupons, users, any WordPress post type.

19K+ users rely on it daily to ease their store management tasks. Are you next?

2 thoughts on “How to Bulk Edit WooCommerce Sale Price?

  1. Hi
    that seems easy, but more important is to set the sale price based on the regular price.
    – Copy regular price to sale price
    – Decrease sale price by 20%

    In the demo version it does not work, Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Caspar,

      We tried it in the Demo version and it’s working perfectly.

      Before you proceed:

      • Ensure that the Regular price for the product is not set to 0 or blank.
      • Do not try to run the same bulk edits on variable parent product as regular price and sale price for these products is set automatically.

      Try it out and share your views.

      Btw…you can also create a new product and then try the same bulk edit operations. I hope this helps.

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