Introduction & Live Demo for Smart Offers

Smart Offers lets you create powerful, rule-based, profit boosting sales funnels in WooCommerce. Sell more to customers while they are making a purchase. Do upsells, cross-sells, downsells, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals, order bump, one-time-offers and backend promotions for targeted customers.

Smart Offers feature highlights

  • Show an upsell or a cross-sell offer based on a product in the cart or order just completed
  • Offer any product at any price
  • Offer downsells by listing potential downsell offers to show when customer skips the current offer
  • Run WooCommerce one-click upsells
  • Automatically picks an offer when more than one match – higher priced, lower priced or randomly
  • Sequence offers one after the other as per your wish
  • Flexible & Powerful rules for targeting offers – offer will be shown based on rules set
  • Automatically adds offered product to cart (at offered price) on offer acceptance
  • Show an offer based on money you’ve made from this customer till date
  • Show offers based on the customer’s purchase history – what they’ve bought and what they’ve not
  • Show an offer all the time by not adding any rules
  • Show buy one get one (BOGO), buy one get more, buy more get one, buy more get more deals. Learn more
  • Show a notification or message (and not just an offer) based on rules by omitting the offer accept / skip links.
  • Create a downsell only offer by not selecting any option in “Where to show this offer”
  • Show an order bump offer on the checkout page and boost average order value
  • Create a One Time Offer by opting to hide this offer permanently if skipped, plus showing it only if the offered product is not already purchased.
  • Run a giveaway offer
  • Offer Backend sales by showing an offer in the ‘My Account’ area
  • Figure out how much money your offers are making from the Smart Offers dashboard widget
  • Discover your best offers – Smart Offers track conversions, how many times an offer was shown, accepted, skipped and paid through.
  • Search, sort and review your offers easily from the comprehensive offers list in the Admin section
  • Show / hide offers or delete offers
  • Skipped offers can be hidden for this session (default) or hidden permanently
  • Email offers to customers

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Live demo

Click here to check live demo of Smart Offers plugin.