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WooCommerce Email Editor Plugin to Customize Template Text

Email Customizer Pro for WooCommerce plugin makes it easy to edit WooCommerce email text. Edit order message, headings, add image, video, coupon, etc.

Last updated on October 30, 2023

How do I edit WooCommerce email text?” One of the hot topics on WooCommerce and WordPress forums. Not just background, header, footer…but also how to customize WooCommerce email templates body text.

So, if you are looking out to customize your WooCommerce order email text, Email Customizer Pro, a popular WooCommerce email editor plugin is your go-to solution. Let’s see how.

But first, look at how customizing email text can make or break your brand.

Good brands sell benefits, not features

Consider this text from a mattress seller –
“Our mattress is made from the finest foam, imported from XYZ country. It is available in various colors and sizes, has temperature regulation, anti-dust and antibacterial properties”.

Now consider this text from another mattress seller –
“Get the sleep and peace of mind you always desire after a tiring day”.

Both try to pitch their products. Only the approach is different. I like the second one more because it conveys the message directly, cleanly. Agree with me?

That’s where content or copy is of utmost priority. Design engages, content converts!

Similarly, it’s your email content along with a good design that makes your brand stand out.

Default WooCommerce transactional emails – what’s missing?

The default WooCommerce order email templates do the basic job. But they are plain and humdrum.

Not just the design, but overall, it lacks that professional or casual punch. And they are basically the same for all stores using WooCommerce.

But emails are the hook point of building your brand image with your audience. If you send these boring emails to your customers, what impression will it create of your brand in their minds? Will it create a distinct positioning of your brand?

Surely not. You should customize WooCommerce emails in the first place. And there are ample plugins for it.

But some WooCommerce email customizer plugins miss out on the edit text feature

For store owners or marketers, who want a quick and good solution, there are plenty of WooCommerce email customizer plugins in the market.

You can easily customize the emails using the plugins without coding. Header, footer, background image, etc.

Some provide the WordPress editor, while some provide drag and drop.

But the majority of them don’t allow to customize the email text.

You cannot better convey your brand to your audience without the option to edit text, especially if you wish to add custom text during special occasions, such as Thanksgiving.

But, the good news is, Email Customizer Pro for WooCommerce plugin provides this benefit.

Best WooCommerce email editor plugin to customize templates text?

Email Customizer Pro for WooCommerce plugin provides the WordPress customizer to edit email text.

It has a set of readymade email templates you can use directly and customize them to suit your brand.

edit WooCommerce emails

Based on what you sell, you need to edit the email content. Some may take a professional approach, some casual one.

Full flexibility to edit the text using live preview>
Not just background, header, and footer…but also customize the email body text.

Order messages, headings and subheadings, closing notes, you can customize the text the way you want. Show your company details, ask for feedback and reviews, add links to product pages and important blog posts, add a coupon code, add images, and videos…

You can also change the font size, font color, bold or highlight text and apply other CSS changes.

Try Email Customizer Pro live demo

Editing WooCommerce email text using the plugin

Once you install and activate the plugin, go to your WordPress Admin panel > WooCommerce > Email Customizer Pro. Select an email template style and click on Edit Email Content. It will open up three sections –

WooCommerce email editor to customize text

Edit order message

For example, when a customer places an order, you can give a professional or a casual approach.

“Your order has been received and is now being processed. Your order details are shown below for your reference”. This is more of a professional touch.

Let’s see a little casual one.

“We got your order! Give us a day to ship it and product XYZ will be in your hands soon. Here are the order details”.

So, instead of the default WooCommerce text, you should customize the text as mentioned above.

Add videos, product docs, important link

What you add here will be shown above the customer details.

It’s advisable to add a product demo video or docs link so that users can easily get started with your product. This will prevent an effort from their end to locate the docs.

Additional content

This shows near your footer area. Some add company details, some ask for feedback or reviews. Some may add an inspiring quote, while some may add links to important pages.

Start editing email text today

You now have a powerful feature and a solution in your hands. Make the most of it.

It’s not easy to customize email text, design, and upsell products easily via email. But Email Customizer Pro has made it easy and possible for every WooCommerce store owner.

Get Email Customizer Pro plugin


How do I customize my WooCommerce email template?
You can customize the emails via your wp-admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.

How to edit WooCommerce Email text?
Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails in your WordPress dashboard. All the default WooCommerce emails will be listed there, you can click on Manage corresponding to the email that you want to change. Once you click on Manage, you will have options to add a subject, email heading, content, etc.

How do I add custom email notifications in WooCommerce?
You can use the right plugin to make this task easy. Here are some that you can use.

How do I customize my WordPress email?
You can do this easily by using an email template customizer or an email customizer plugin. One of the plugins you can use to customize it is Icegram Express.

How do I send an email order in WooCommerce?
You can use an email customizer plugin.

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