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WooCommerce Gift Product – 7 best ideas to earn more money

You give something for free, your customers are delighted. That’s super easy and successful. But you can’t afford to do that frequently. Otherwise, people will always expect more free stuff from you and you will hurt your profit margins considerably.

Hence, in this article, I’ll show you how you can make more money, build more customer loyalty by giving away stuff as bonuses (when and how) without compromising much on profits.

The word is the almighty

There’s so much power in the word FREE! Draws instant attention and establishes a connection. From an ocean of words, it can’t go unnoticed.

After all, who doesn’t like free stuff? But there’s always some motive behind giving something for free.

Give value. Get Value!! The reciprocity trigger works to a great extent.

Issuing free gifts to customers using WooCommerce Smart Coupons

Some of you must be already familiar with Smart Coupons.

And for those who entered late, Smart Coupons, from the house of StoreAppps is the best and reliable WooCommerce coupons extension for creating store credit, gift certificates, coupons as per different use cases, etc.

Learn more about Smart Coupons

Smart Coupons releases much anticipated feature

Now, Smart Coupons has added a new feature to it. It was a most awaited feature wherein customers wanted to gift something to their customers along with their current purchase. They wanted something quick and without any hassle.

So using Smart Coupons, you can now attach a gift of any value (free or paid product) to a particular coupon.

How does it work? In a single click

Yes. No efforts involved. Your customer can redeem the gift exactly like other coupons. Instead of a discount, a product is redeemed for the coupon code.

Hence, when a coupon is applied successfully, the gift is automatically added to the cart and the customer may continue shopping or checkout normally.

As simple as that.

One feature, 7 applications, mind-blowing results

So, what’s so huss-fuss about this feature? As it’s just giving something additional to customers.

Now, there’s a lot of triggers involved when there’s a giveaway.

When you look at the use cases and the possible mind-blowing results you’ll get at the end, the feature is worth hundreds of dollars.

In short, you will have an edge over your competitors.

Same restrictions and limits intact

Since this is a Smart Coupons feature, it allows all the same usage restrictions and usage limits as other coupon types, such as by email address, minimum cart total, etc. However, instead of a discount, the customer is rewarded with a gift item.

No need to remember coupon code

Shoppers can receive gifts from you without the need for them to remember any special coupon codes. They put their gift in the cart with the simple click of a button.

Get Smart Coupons Now

Here are the top 7 best cases of gifting products

In all the below cases, the customer just has to select the coupon and the gift product will be automatically added to the cart.

1. New product launch with a promotional discount

You have geared up for a new product launch. You want more people to get access to that product. Some may resist themselves from buying it early.

In this case, you can offer your new product as a gift at a discounted price. Since it’s a new product, the promotion tag will be justified and more people will be encouraged to get that product.

You can offer your new product at a discount to both new and returning customers.

2. Giveaway: Gift products without charging anything (E.g. Free accessories)

This is great for building customer loyalty and works well with high-end products.

Your customers are purchasing high-end laptops or expensive cellphones. On purchase of such high-end products, gifting a product is always a good gesture. You can offer accessories pack with the laptop or trendy looking cases for cellphones absolutely free.

Agreed, you can make more money by selling accessories also, But it’s not always about the money. And btw… free gift need not be of higher price.

3. Upsell, cross-sell, down-sell related products at discounted rate

To increase average revenue per user (ARPU) the store can offer related products at a discounted rate.

For example, on purchasing a lunch box, get a water bottle at a 20% discount.

OR on purchase of a large pizza, get a medium size pizza at 50% OFF.

4. To clear out excess stock

It’s obvious that during the holiday season or any other festive time, you may overestimate the demand and you are left with excess stock. OR sales don’t happen as you expected and you are left with uncleared stock.

In such cases, offer that product at a discount along with the existing product in cart to clear your stock.

5. To clear out non-selling product

Here you have a product which isn’t selling much. Offer this product at a discount or for free if it’s at a low price.

This way, you are increasing that product visibility as well as delight your customers by giving something valuable.

6. Buy One Get One for limited quantities

You are a small WooCommerce store selling very limited products and you are running a Buy One Get One (BOGO) FREE offer. For example, if a person has selected a T-shirt, you can send another T-shirt as a free gift.

7. Buy X, Get Y free

Ideal for gifting multiple products or a bundle

You want to offer a bundle or multiple products along with some purchases. In this case, you can combine multiple products into one coupon and gift it along with the main product.

Similarly, you can create many more bundles using coupons and send them as a gift.

This tactic encourages repeat purchases too.

Get Smart Coupons Now

Summing it up

Btw…Smart Coupons is loaded with awesome features by default. This additional feature has made the solution even more powerful.

Gift giving is one of the best ways of marketing. This way creates good vibes and your customers will come back more often.

Have more cases where you think this feature will be valuable? Let us know in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “WooCommerce Gift Product – 7 best ideas to earn more money

  1. The BOGO example you mentioned doesn’t work. You have to give the coupon amount a value in the General section for it to work. If I want a true BOGO and set the value at zero and the Action is add the same product at a 100% discount (check: When checked, this coupon will be visible on cart/checkout page for everyone) the coupon does not show. If I make it for one penny then it does show up. It’s confusing for the customers. It should show on zero value and not have to take off any additional value.

    1. Today, we’ve released Smart Coupons version 3.8.2. In this version, we’ve addressed the issue that you’re facing.

      From version 3.8.2, if you’ve defined coupon action & the coupon amount is set as zero, the coupon will be visible on cart, checkout & my account page.

      You can download the latest version from your account on

  2. I would like for my customers to buy my products as a gift for other customers e’g a can of coke is $5 add to cart but I want another option that says Add gift to cart. The way amazon does it but just in woocommerce can you please help me

    1. This is not possible with the Smart Coupons plugin.

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