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6 Best WooCommerce Custom Thank You Page Plugins

Below you'll find a list of the top WooCommerce thank you page plugins with their pricing and features that can help you build customer relationships and grow sales.

Last updated on September 13, 2022

In case you’re unaware, the ‘WooCommerce thank you page’ or ‘WooCommerce order confirmation page’ is the page your customers will see after they check out or complete the purchase on your online store.

If you think this default WooCommerce thank you page is enough for your business, you are wrong. Or, you have not yet explored the wonders a custom thank you page for WooCommerce can create for you. Showing offers, coupons, building customer relationships and a lot more.

The following article lists the top WooCommerce thank you page plugins that can help you grow sales and customer relationships.

Let’s explore this article with a focus on:

  • Why do you need to have a WooCommerce custom thank you page
  • How to customize thank you page using code
  • Best plugins to help you develop a customized WooCommerce thank you page
  • How can we help you with the same

Neglecting WooCommerce thank you page is losing a goldmine

Default WooCommerce thank you page

The default WooCommerce thank you page says: ‘Thank You, Your order has been received’ along with the summary details.

There’s not much more to it – it’s a dead-end for your customers.

Imagine doing much more to this page? We think the same. How about turning this into a powerful marketing tool?

That’s how powerful a WooCommerce custom thank you page is if you do it right. Here’s why:

Subtle promotions

When a customer has purchased from your store, that means that they trust you more and are more likely to purchase from you again.

A customized thank you page is a great opportunity to show some further promotional offers & upsell to your customers the second they check out. They might not buy it immediately, but it’s on their mind now.


There is no guarantee that customers will browse other pages of your site but the thank you page is an exception.

As they check out, the custom thank you page automatically appears in front of their screen and hence there’s a certainty that they will take an action.

Use this opportunity to present them with offers, discounts, newsletter subscriptions or any marketing promotion that you want them to sign up for.

Build a relationship with your audience

A thank you page having a plain message v/s a thank you page greeting you, welcoming you and showing you how you can benefit more.

Certainly we both know which will create a better impact. This impact further helps in building trust and a strong bond with your audience. Now that you have made them feel special about purchasing from you, they will come back and turn into a regular customer over a period of time.

That’s why it’s a goldmine.

Now that our ‘Why custom thank you page’ is clear, let dig into ‘How to customize it’!

How to customize WooCommerce thank you page using redirect and filters

If you are some coding geek, here’s a nice article that lists three ways to customize WooCommerce thank you page

  • Customize WooCommerce thank you page by creating a Redirect
  • Customizing WooCommerce thank you page with Filters
  • Customizing WooCommerce thank you page by overwriting WooCommerce templates

Best plugins to develop a WooCommerce custom thank you page

For those who do not want to deal with code and are looking for some popular plugins that will speed up the process, here are some we recommend.

Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce

As they clearly say, “Make more money using our WooCommerce Thank You Page plugin.” StoreApps WooCommerce thank you page plugin helps you turn your one-time buyers into repeat customers.

A thank you page optimized with this plugin allows you to upsell, build an email list, promote your offers, thus converting your default thank you page into a powerful marketing tool and do a lot more.

Customized WooCommerce thank you page using StoreApps plugin

Top features:

  • Enable custom thank you page storewide
  • Enable a custom thank you page per product
  • Offers you a variety of readymade high-converting thank you page templates to help you get started with a bang.
  • Redirect users after purchase/payment to affiliate links, third-party links or resources.
  • Gives you an opportunity to build the thank you page as per your favourite theme, plugins, page editors & design the page the way you desire.
  • Collect feedback, build email list, show upsells and cross-sells (using Smart Offers), show video message, testimonials, coupons & much more.

Bonus feature: No coding required, it’s a simple set-up.

Pricing: $39

Get Custom Thank You Page plugin

Custom Thank You Pages

As they state, “A thank you page is a powerful place that can be optimized and not many WooCommerce sites are still taking the best advantage of it.”

Custom Thank You Pages plugin helps you leverage this ‘feel good’ moment your customers have about you just after the purchase and keep them interested further. This plugin can be purchased from the WooCommerce marketplace.

WooCommerce custom thank you page

Top features:

  • Helps you retain customers and upsell products effectively
  • Show related products based on what someone just purchased
  • Creates an exciting onboarding experience by showing customers creative and useful content
  • Promoting your newsletter subscription without using pop-ups

Pricing: $49

Get Custom Thank You Pages plugin

Thank You Page Customizer for WooCommerce

Thank You Page Customizer for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that helps you create a beautiful design and build meaningful content for your thank you page easily and professionally.

Thank You Page Customizer for WooCommerce

Top features:

  • Design your thank you page with a live preview
  • Various components available in the set up to write the content, decide coupon, link to social media, map and much more.
  • Easy drag and drop way to make quick changes
  • Effective text editors to design the content
  • Perfectly responsive on different devices

This is a free version. The Pro Version has some advanced features like showing related products, offers and others.

Pricing: Free version on, Premium version for $26.

Get Thank You Page Customizer plugin

WooCommerce Redirect Thank You

WooCommerce Redirect Thank You Plugin establishes that don’t just end the process at the order summary but guide your customers further to provide them with the best after-purchase experience.

Top features:

  • Create a friendly, easily navigated and customized thank you page for customers.
  • Set a global Thank You page without editing theme templates
  • Set the redirection customized to the products they purchase
  • Add social share buttons to the custom thank you pages for specific products
  • Run A/B tests to check upselling strategies

Pricing: Starts at $59

Get Redirect Thank You plugin

WooCommerce Thank You Pages

WooCommerce Thank You Pages by Plugin Republic intends to up your marketing game with your newest customers as they join in & land on your thank you page.

WooCommerce Thank You Pages

Top features:

  • Provide FAQ links on the thank you page and other information needed to clarify customers’ doubts.
  • Offer deals and discounts to customers who have just made a purchase.
  • Transform the thank you page to supercharge the marketing game.
  • Create a single or multiple thank you pages, depending on products in the order.
  • Help the non-coders & developers by having a simple set up process.

Pricing: Starts at $49

Get Thank You Pages plugin

Woostify Pro Version

Woostify is a theme, not a plugin. But when you purchase the Woostify Pro version, the theme is integrated with the WooBuilder add-on, which offers numerous adding options to Thank You pages using Elementor page builder.

The drag & drop feature makes it super friendly to use and simplifies the process of creating thank you pages.

Woostify allows inserting conversion-boosting elements, including social media buttons, Google Maps, illustrated images, videos, or any elements you like.

Pricing: Starts at $49

Get Woostify plugin

Our recommended plugin and why

Hopefully, this article sheds light on all the concerns you had about WooCommerce thank you page plugins.

With so many great options at hand, we would love to have you explore the unmatchable benefits StoreApps WooCommerce Custom Thank You Page plugin provides to substantially grow your business.

Our goal with this plugin is simple:

  • Help you make more money
  • Provide you uninterrupted technical as well as visual experience
  • Help your customers get an unforgettable onboarding experience and get them hooked to your brand instantly.
  • Kickstart a life-long relationship with your customers

Get StoreApps Custom Thank You Page plugin

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