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The Easy Way to Duplicate WordPress Pages, Posts, WooCommerce Products

This blog explains how you can duplicate WordPress pages, posts, WooCommerce products in a simple way and also how to manage SEO fields for these pages for better rankings.

Last updated on October 15, 2021

You need to do a lot of good content for SEO. Blog posts, landing pages, product pages and others. But writing any post can take days.

So, the option of duplication in WordPress is a lifesaver. Duplicate content, make edits and you are good to go.

Since default WordPress or WooCommerce doesn’t provide this option, you are left with plugins to do the job. But which plugin to select?

This article explains some top plugins to duplicate WordPress pages, posts.

Bonus – You will also come across a plugin that goes beyond page and post duplication. It helps in the duplication of WooCommerce products, orders, coupons, any WordPress post type. A big breakthrough solution.

Let’s begin.

Why duplicate WordPress pages and posts?

Page replication can save a lot of time and effort for any website or online store. General reasons why people or businesses create duplicate WordPress pages and posts are:

  • Use the same web page layout or structure while replacing the content
  • Backup your page or post previous version
  • Use the same content as the old page but format the layout in a different way
  • Speedily create similar pages and fill content in them later on
  • Apply the same page design for your product pages, and so on
  • Create similar product pages for product variants

In simple words, if you need similar/same web page design or content for your new pages, WordPress duplicate pages and posts are your go-to options. This way, you will be able to retain the component’s placement, media files, etc.

Also, it is a nice idea to use duplicate pages while archiving the old version of your pages in case you think they are still useful.

Four popular WordPress duplicate page and/or post plugins

Yoast Duplicate Post

This is the most popular WordPress duplicate page plugin with 4 million+ and 450+ five-star reviews.

This plugin lets WordPress site owners clone posts of any type or copy them to new drafts for further editing. There is also a template tag, so you can use it for frequent duplication of your posts/pages from the front-end.

Yoast Duplicate plugin
Yoast Duplicate plugin options

Top features:

  • Duplicate pages and posts as drafts
  • Do bulk duplication of pages or posts
  • Select which elements you want to copy
  • Determine who of your editors get access to the duplication feature
  • Edit your content within WordPress, without taking it offline.

Pricing: Free

Download Yoast Duplicate Post plugin

Duplicate Page plugin

Another popular plugin with 2 million+ active installs and 200+ five-star reviews. Duplicate Page Plugin, as its name states, enables you to create duplicate pages, posts, and custom posts. You can directly click duplicate for a page and choose the status of the new page as Draft, Public, Pending, or Private.

However, most of its capabilities (including setting the page status, changing post type for a cloned page, and redirection) are reserved for its Pro users.

Duplicate Page plugin

Top features:

  • Select where to show the duplicate page link – post edit page, item row on post landing page, under the post button on admin bar.
  • Set a default Prefix and Suffix to your duplicated pages
  • Option to select a duplicated post Status
  • Set role-based access restrictions for duplicated pages
  • Option to Redirect after click on clone link

Pricing: Free version on, pro version from $15

Get Duplicate Page plugin

Post Duplicator

The Post Duplicator Plugin is also a simple plugin for creating duplicate pages. Custom post types are supported, along with custom taxonomies and custom fields.

Post Duplicator
Post Duplicator plugin options

This plugin is simply meant to quickly and easily duplicate a post. Just hover over a post in the edit screen and select ‘Duplicate {post_type}’ to create a duplicate post.

Pricing: Free

Download Post Duplicator plugin

Duplicate Page and Post

With the Duplicate Page and Post WordPress plugin, you can clone any of your pages or posts as Draft. Thereafter, you can also update the post suffix, redirect, and post status for the replicated page using this WP plugin.

Duplicate Page and Post

Top features:

  • Option to select editor (Classic and Gutenberg)
  • Option to add post suffix
  • Option to add custom text for duplicate link button
  • Option to redirect after click on Duplicate

Pricing: Free

Download Duplicate Page and Post plugin

Using Smart Manager to duplicate WordPress pages, posts, WooCommerce products

The above-mentioned plugins are restricted to duplication. However, Smart Manager goes well beyond it.

For any WordPress site that is growing in terms of content and traffic, Smart Manager plugin could prove a blessing for the publishers.

The plugin shows all your page/post/custom post type data in an Excel-like spreadsheet and lets you edit and manage it from one place. With Smart Manager, your operations team and marketers can focus on primary tasks rather than staying stuck in page creation and other trivial tasks.

Smart Manager dashboard duplicate option for pages posts

Benefits of using Smart Manager’s duplication and other features

  • Post, page, any custom post type (ordrer, coupons, products, media) duplication
  • Export any post type data as CSV
  • Add / edit new posts and pages directly. With in-line edit allowed for your data, it is very convenient to update it. You can even use copy, paste, and cut commands while using this plugin.
  • Directly edit post title, post content, post status, post excerpt, featured image, publish date, comment status, parent page, post categories, and post tags.
  • Bulk edit or mass update all WordPress core fields.
  • Bulk edit post status, post categories, post date, SEO status, etc.
  • Create multiple posts at once
  • Quickly duplicate and edit products, orders, coupons, pages, users, and more.
  • Edit data of any field or SEO fields of your posts/pages without opening them.
  • Simplest duplication and export (one-by-one as well as bulk)
  • Delete pages, posts, custom post types, or their data one by one, or in bulk.
  • Update ‘Product Gallery Images, Featured Images’ directly
  • Create custom views for posts and pages. Like a view that consists only SEO related fields.
  • Edit hundreds of posts without reloading the page

Get Smart Manager plugin

How to duplicate pages and posts in WordPress with Smart Manager?

To edit posts, pages, or custom post types in WordPress using the Smart Manager plugin, follow these steps:

  • Select the post type as Pages (or as per your needs, e.g., Pages, Products.) using the dropdown menu on the top of the page.
  • Look for the page to be cloned or duplicate. You can search for a phrase or page ID using the search bar.
  • Select the page(s).
  • To perform replication, hover on Duplicate and click Selected Records. You may also perform complete duplication of your site by clicking Entire Store.

This action will duplicate posts, post meta, related taxonomies and all other data in the selected items for you. So, if you use the Smart Manager plugin, you can easily retain your SEO fields and data when you clone a page.

Thereafter, you can edit data using the rows enlisted in front of you.

For orders, products, coupons, and custom post types, the editable fields and features are even more (in count).

Try the live demo

Manage SEO fields of Yoast, RankMath and other fields with Smart Manager

Smart Manager Plugin is compatible with multiple SEO and WooCommerce plugins. You can easily manage SEO fields of RankMath or Yoast on your page/post in Smart Manager.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Avoid similar keywords multiple times
  • Redirect poor converting blog posts from one place
  • Export SEO fields as CSV and compare performance
  • Allow search engine to follow links
  • Noindex non-performing posts in bulk

Learn more about it here


Manually adding WordPress pages or posts to a website is surely a time-consuming task. When you need to clone post types in bulk, it becomes daunting. So, be smart and use a trustworthy plugin for this purpose.

For the highest level of satisfaction and ease, Smart Manager by StoreApps is the best pick, undoubtedly. This plugin is a great tool if you need to clone your pages or any post type frequently.

Get Smart Manager plugin

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