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How to Customize WooCommerce Product Page with Plugins?

View some popular plugins to customize WooCommerce product pages for custom tabs, product add-ons, one page checkout, etc. to boost conversions.

how to customize WooCommerce product page

Last updated on June 26, 2024

Your default WooCommerce product pages are good but not optimized for conversions.

Your theme will give it a good style and make it engaging, yet it needs powerful plugins to add elements that take your conversions to the next level.

In this post, we’ll show you how to customize WooCommerce product pages for different options – Add to Cart button, gift wrapping, product recommendations, and more.

Why do default WooCommerce product pages require customization?

While WooCommerce provides a robust and functional default product page, it may not be suitable for every business or website. Some of the drawbacks of the default product page include:

  • Limited customization – Not enough options to customize the layout, design, and functionality of the page to meet your business needs.
  • Generic appearance – This may not align with your brand’s visual identity and may look generic, which can make it difficult to differentiate your products from those of your competitors.
  • Lack of key features – Misses out on important features, such as the ability to display product variations, customer reviews, or related products.
  • Cluttered interface – May be cluttered with unnecessary elements, which can make it difficult for customers to find the information they need and may lead to a poor user experience.

However, by customizing the product page using various methods such as plugins or code snippets, you can overcome these drawbacks and create a product page that meets your specific needs.

Benefits of customizing WooCommerce product pages

  • Branding – You can ensure that it aligns with your brand’s look and feel. This can help to strengthen your brand identity and increase recognition among your customers.
  • User experience – Helps to enhance the user experience by providing a more visually appealing and user-friendly interface. This can encourage customers to spend more time on your website and increase the likelihood of making a purchase.
  • Conversion rate – By optimizing your product page with relevant information, call-to-action buttons, and other design elements, you can improve your conversion rate and generate more sales.
  • Unique selling proposition – Can help to highlight your unique selling proposition (USP) and differentiate your products from your competitors.

How to customize WooCommerce product pages – Plugins for different use cases

There are hundreds of plugins to customize WooCommerce product pages. But we have made your task easier by picking those that will prove worth the purchase.

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

This plugin has 100000+ active installs. It allows you to add custom tabs to your product page. You can use this to display additional information, such as reviews, specifications, or FAQs.

On the individual product pages, the tabs are displayed to the right of the default ‘Description’ tab.

custom product tags WooCommerce

The paid version costs $30 for a single site license but you can also get the free version from the WordPress repository.

Download Custom Products Tabs

Product Add-ons

Product Add-ons or Extra Product Options is a very popular plugin developed by the WooCommerce team. It is used by 80K+ stores.

With this plugin, you can enhance your product page by incorporating various options such as gift wrapping, checkboxes, radio buttons, and text fields.

It is highly beneficial for online stores dealing with jewelry, books, gifts, clothing and apparel, electronics, and many other products with different sizes, colors, or variations.

WooCommerce Product Add-ons

Top features:

  • Add custom price fields to your products.
  • Add optional services or top-up items as checkboxes.
  • Give short or long input text field options to customers so that they can add notes.
  • Enable a spinner input field for buyers to select the product quantity.
  • Enable the addition of headings between two add-ons to maintain a clean product page.
  • Upload file attachments to provide additional information without overcrowding the product page.
  • Add different pricing for all your product variants (color or size variants).

Get Product Add-ons plugin

WooCommerce Product Table

This plugin allows you to display your products in a table format, making it easier for customers to compare different products. You can also customize the columns and rows to display the information you want.

WooCommerce Product Table plugin

Top features:

  • Create columns based on custom fields or choose from various common column types.
  • Display images in a lightbox.
  • Include an Add to Cart button and options for quantity and variations.
  • Automatically inherit styling from your theme.
  • List the products based on category, tag, date, custom taxonomy, or custom field value.
  • List products that the current user has ordered previously.

Get Product Table plugin


Offermative will help you mint money on auto-pilot by recommending products (Frequently bought together) as upsells and cross-sells.

Select from readymade high-converting offer designs, set rules and run them on hundreds of product variations within minutes. It also writes the offer copy for you – headlines, body, and CTA based on your target audience.

Top features:

  • Run various discount offer campaigns, such as fixed, percentage, sitewide, cart, checkout, conditional, or exclusive discounts.
  • Offermative automatically generates and applies coupons for users.
  • Inline, pop-ups, header footer bars, slide-ins and notification boxes to show your offers
  • Run upsells, order bumps, BOGO, giveaways and other dynamic pricing and discount offers
  • Supports popular languages like French, German, Spanish to show offers

Get Offermative plugin


Well, Cashier plugin is very useful for those selling very few products.

Cashier will help you turn your product page into a one page checkout, allowing users to add products and checkout from the same page. Quick and easy.

Cashier One Page Checkout

Cashier is actually a suite of premium checkout optimization plugins clubbed into one so that you don’t need to shed more than five hundred dollars and hassle with multiple plugins.

For just a fraction of the cost, you get direct checkout, Buy Now buttons, checkout field editor, side cart, cost of goods sold, Add to Cart redirect and other enhancements.

Get Cashier plugin


This is a freemium plugin. It provides additional design options and advanced shop functionality that complements the theme you are currently using.

Top features:

  • Modify the color and font size for your WooCommerce shop and product pages, and also the cart/checkout elements.
  • Set catalog mode for the time being, or permanently.
  • Personalize the appearance of all WooCommerce buttons on your shop, product pages, and cart/checkout pages.
  • Eliminate the basic checkout fields on the WooCommerce Checkout page.
  • Add a ‘Back to Shop’ button to your cart page
  • Add product quick view and Ajax search

Download StoreCustomizer

Custom Thank You Page

Do you want your customers to face a dead end after they make a purchase? If not, then turn your default WooCommerce thank you page into a powerful marketing tool using Custom Thank You Page plugin.

The plugin provides readymade templates so you can set a custom thank you page per product or storewide.

Customized WooCommerce thank you page

Build a list, run upsell offers, provide a coupon, show videos, save for later products, and other marketing props to encourage customers to buy again.

Get Custom Thank You Page plugin


Customizing your WooCommerce product page can help you create a unique and professional online store that stands out from the competition.

All thanks to the plugins we mentioned above.

Try them out and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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