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11 Creative Coupon Promo Code Ideas that Work [With Use Cases]

Can't think of a clever and unique coupon code name? This blog explains everything about creative coupon codes, from creating them to choosing the right name and using them cleverly on your WooCommerce store.

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Last updated on January 21, 2023

Think of a creative name that best describes the offer’s benefits and it’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

A catchy, clever and unique coupon promo code will go far in helping you sell more products. A coupon name that stands out from the pack can make all of the difference.

In this blog, you’ll learn some creative coupon promo code ideas, their uses and how to set them up.

Coupon code names: what are they and how do they work?

Coupon codes are electronic codes created by the operator of an e-commerce business. Customers may use these either during their current purchase or, if they received them during the checkout process, on their subsequent purchase.

Occasionally, it can be difficult to come up with coupon names. There are so many holidays, events, offers and ongoing sales promotions that it’s simple to become confused by their names. Thus, giving your vouchers clever names is helpful.

Think creatively the next time you’re working on a coupon offer since you might be shocked by the outcomes.

Why choosing coupon codes matter?

It is essential to avoid long and confusing names. Customer-friendly names always make coupons easier to understand and apply, whereas coupons with long or hard-to-understand names won’t be helpful to either customers or business owners.

Unique names can be entertaining for both owners and customers. Customers will be enticed to explore and test it as a result.

You should choose names that are associated with the type of deal you intend to put up. In general, the more relevant the coupon’s name is to the occasion, the easier it is for people to understand and click on it.

It is wise to avoid common names. By giving it a unique name, you make them stand out and help people remember it.

9 use cases of creative coupon promo code ideas that work

For each of the promo code ideas, we have mentioned a bonus strategy. These strategies can be used in several other cases as well on your WooCommerce store.

For example, you can use coupon scheduling for Christmas as well as the Black Cyber season.

Welcome coupons

Receiving a present when you visit an online store feels amazing. No matter what the time or genre or discount, giving away welcome coupons can always help the business with sales and goodwill.

Welcome coupon code ideas:

  • HOLA222
  • ENJOY10

Bonus: Offering welcome coupons becomes easy when you know how to create coupons for new users only.

Christmas deals

It’s always a great time to get a deal and take in the festive mood and admiration of loved ones. It’s more better when users get the coupons or gifts before Christmas.

Christmas coupon code ideas:

  • MERRY25

Bonus: It’s best to schedule coupons so that you don’t forget and your loved ones/customers get their coupons at the desired time. For example, create a coupon today and schedule it for 24th December.

WooCommerce Smart Coupons scheduling

Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale

Although Black Cyber is a shopping weekend in most countries, its influence is spreading worldwide. There is nothing better than a great Black Friday deal on the go since we know how important deals are to us.

Black Friday Coupon code ideas:

  • BF20XX

Bonus: Since shoppers are in a hurry during black friday, it’s advisable to auto-apply coupons.

Country-based sales

Offering a discount coupon for one day on special occasions to customers residing in a country can bring in targeted sales. For example, Independence Day coupons to US customers or to customers in Ireland and other countries on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day.

Country-based coupon code ideas:

  • REPUBLIC2023
  • Bonus: Since this coupon is set for one day, better to set the expiration date and time instead of doing it manually at 23:59PM.

    Halloween deals

    Even though we do not celebrate Halloween worldwide, we certainly look forward to a crazy and scary Halloween sale. At this time of the year, we can certainly become ghosts of insight and sales.

    Halloween Coupon code ideas:

  • BLOODY100

Bonus: Think of the possibilities if people bought items from your Halloween collection and received a spooky gift along with it. Here’s how to gift a product via a coupon.

Repeat purchases/customer retention

Customer retention should be on high priority to keep the business alive. Quality and approach can help us grow, but we can always surprise customers with amazing deals so that they purchase again.

Coupon code ideas for retaining customers:

  • STAY20

Bonus: Link coupons with products so that customers can redeem them on their next order.

Offers for customer loyalty

Our loyal customers need our support as well. Offers designed only for the ones who have been there throughout our journey of business can always help them stay.

Coupon code ideas for customer loyalty offers:

  • THANKS15

Bonus: Send these customers gift cards on their birthdays.

WooCommerce gift card of any amount


We might also have loyal customers who need a refund for certain things they ordered and denying the refund can harm the business’s reputation. We can always exchange the current product with other attractive coupons to avoid clashes.

Coupon code ideas for refunds:

  • CHANCE50

Bonus: By offering a store credit for refund compensation, chances of customer being retained and making a purchase later increases.

Stock clearance offer

The arrival of new stock means the old stock has to vacate your inventory shelves. It’s also a worthwhile opportunity to attract more customers by offering deals on the old stock to clear them out faster.

Stock clearance coupon code ideas:

  • Bonus: Stock clearance can be made easier with a BOGO or buy one get one offer, especially since we can tailor it to our specific needs. You can also set up discounts based on product quantity.

    Giveaway deals

    Today, giveaways are one of the most in-demand fashion trends on the e-commerce platform. We can’t deny that we love giveaways as well. Deals of this type can always be considered to attract new customers.

    Giveaway coupon promo code ideas:


Bonus: An unexpected gift shown on the thank you page after the customer makes a purchase will make customers fall in love with your brand. Here’s how to set up a giveaway offer.

Coupons for Deal sites

It is essential to keep changing offer types and coupon code names to make the sale process less monotonous and more appealing for customers, especially for the sites that provide offers for the maximum time of the year, even though we follow the same forum all year long.

Coupon code ideas for deal sites:

  • FREEGIFT2022

Bonus: Deal sites have multiple-purpose coupons from different sources which are less specialized and more generic and they also require unique coupons in quantity.

A better way is to bulk generate and send them hundreds of coupons with unique codes.

WooCommerce bulk generate coupons

Wrapping up

You’ve done your homework. You know what you’re up against. You know what kind of coupons work and which ones don’t. But that’s not enough.

Coupon codes are ever-adapting and ever-changing, and if you don’t have a creative eye, you might miss out on some deals that could help boost sales — ones that others (and perhaps even our beloved algorithms) will overlook.

The easiest way to take advantage of a deal is to know when to use it and which coupons to use.

I hope this quick guide on clever coupon and promo code ideas will save you some time and trouble when it comes to creating a coupon code name that is witty and creative.

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