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7 Best Freemium WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Plugins

Here you will find a comparison of all the key features and pricing of the top WooCommerce PDF invoices and packing slips plugins. This will help you select the right one.

Last updated on April 30, 2024

You can’t neglect WooCommerce PDF invoices & packing slips when it comes to looking professional and keeping a record of orders.

Default WooCommerce PDF invoices are indeed bland and dull. It is certainly not possible to create, send, and print invoices that your customers will be delighted to read with default WooCommerce.

You need some powerful plugins that do the job efficiently for you. This article highlights the most effective plugins available on the market. These include both free and premium plugins.

What are PDF invoices? What are packing slips? Any difference?

You may already be aware of this. But take a quick look to see if you’ve missed anything.

A PDF invoice is a printable document or a bill a seller sends to their customers. The invoice contains transaction details, seller and customer contact details and most importantly, the payment details.

Previously, it was just a normal document. Now with the help of WooCommerce invoice plugins, you can customize the look and feel of the documents to showcase your brand.

A Packing slip is a printable sales document that lists each item included in a shipment order.

A packing slip is used to denote the physical goods being received, whereas an invoice is the financial document of the order. So for digital goods, there’s no packing slip required.

So, here’s something interesting. Both documents will be sent to you if you order something for yourself. If you’re purchasing something for someone else, though, you’ll receive the invoice while the recipient will receive the packing slip.

Why do you need WooCommerce PDF invoices & packing slips?

Quite a few reasons.

Maintain records

Find out who placed the order and how much it cost. If records are kept, it is very simple to look up any past order at any time. Furthermore, in resolving disagreements, the process becomes more transparent.

We recommend exporting orders on a timely basis to keep records and monitor them.

Quick delivery and clarity

You can automatically send a PDF invoice on order purchase. With packing slips, shipments are easy. This makes all the processes smoothly involved in the transactions.

Brand building

You can personalize order invoices/shipping bills with your brand elements – logo, colors, etc. – thanks to plugins. Professional invoices will increase your clients’ faith in you and make the payment process go more smoothly.

Accounting & Compliance

Many of the WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugins provide options to choose multiple fields for tax rates on the invoice. Additionally, this gives more flexibility when you are selling products globally.

Saving resources

You can save money on paper and printing by not printing invoices and instead of sending them via email. It also decreases the amount of customer service required if the invoice is late or lost in transit.

7 best WooCommerce PDF invoices and packing slips plugins

Running a WooCommerce store involves a lot of tedious tasks. Generating PDF invoices and packing slips is one of them.

Sending professional and functional invoices to your clients doesn’t have to be a headache. With the following WooCommerce PDF invoices plugins, you can create and send invoices to your clients in a matter of minutes.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional

With 300,000+ active installs and around 1350 five-star reviews, WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin is the most popular one.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional plugin pdf invoice
WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional plugin packing slip

Top features:

  • Automatically attach PDF invoice to WooCommerce emails of your choice.
  • Download the PDF invoice / packing slip from the order admin page.
  • Generate PDF invoices / packing slips in bulk.
  • Fully customizable CSS/HTML packing slip templates.
  • Sequential invoice numbers – with custom formatting.
  • Available in 15+ languages.
  • Add a custom header image / logo.
  • Modify shop data / footer / disclaimer etc. on the invoices & packing slips.

These were about the free version of the plugin on

You need to get their paid extension to create / email PDF proforma invoices, credit notes (for refunds), email packing slips, automatic upload to Dropbox, etc.

Pricing: Free version on, Paid versions from 59 Euros.

Get WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional

WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing lists

This is a premium, yet popular plugin that sells on The best part about this plugin is you don’t require coding whatsoever.

WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing Lists plugin pdf invoice

Top features:

  • While editing orders, you can print order papers directly from the Orders page (individually or in bulk).
  • Allows customers to view invoices from the “My Account” page.
  • Customize document appearance and information with a live preview using the WordPress Customizer.
  • Email invoices / packing slips on a per-order basis or in bulk. Emails will be sent only when an order is paid for.
  • Sort items on packing lists by category for faster order fulfillment.
  • Automatically email packing lists to shop admins for new orders.
  • Print pick lists for multiple orders to help with mass order fulfillment.
  • Use consecutive invoice numbers or order numbers from WooCommerce as invoice numbers.

Pricing: $79

Get WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing lists plugin

Smart Manager

Smart Manager is a surprise entry to this list. It’s not just a PDF invoice plugin, it’s also a full-featured store management plugin.

WooCommerce PDF invoices Smart Manager plugin
WooCommerce PDF invoices Smart Manager plugin

Features related to PDF invoices:

  • Generate and print WooCommerce PDF Invoices in bulk or individually.
  • View all your orders in one place, edit them directly and then print invoices.
  • Add your brand logo to the invoices.
  • Apply search filters to print only those invoices for the orders you want.
  • Print order invoices PDF for a particular date range, precise time.

Powerful store management features:

There are several alternatives if you only need a plugin for PDF invoicing. Stick with Smart Manager if you want a complete store management solution that also allows you to generate PDF invoices fast and efficiently.

Pricing: Free version on, Paid version for $199.

Get Smart Manager plugin

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

WooCommerce PDF Invoices is also a feature-rich plugin on with 20000+ active installs and around 400 five-star reviews. There are quite a few things in the free version. However, better features are in the premium extension.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugin pdf invoice

Top features (Free version):

  • Automatic PDF invoice generation and attachment.
  • Manually create or delete PDF invoices.
  • Attach PDF invoice to multiple WooCommerce email types of your choice.
  • Generate PDF packing slips.
  • Connect with Google Drive, Egnyte, Dropbox or OneDrive.
  • Multiple clean and highly customizable PDF Invoice templates.
  • WooCommerce order numbering or built-in sequential invoice numbering.
  • Advanced items table with refunds, discounts, different item tax rates columns and more…

Top features (Paid version):

  • Bulk generate PDF invoices.
  • Send credit notes and cancelled PDF invoices.
  • Fully customize PDF invoice table content by modifying line item columns and total rows.
  • Let customers decide to generate a PDF invoice on checkout.
  • Change the PDF invoices font.

Pricing: Free version on, Paid versions from 59 Euros.

Get WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugin

PDF Invoices

Another plugin on that is easy to use and packed with powerful features.

PDF Invoices plugin WooCommerce
PDF invoices plugin pdf invoice example

Top features:

  • Customizable invoice template.
  • Legal company information sections like tax number.
  • Sequential invoice numbering.
  • Attach PDF to “New Order” email for admins.
  • Add logo image to PDF.
  • Customize date format.
  • Customize invoice number format.
  • Add / Remove columns from the invoice using filters.
  • Resend Invoice or download invoice from the order list.
  • Invoice info meta box on edit order screen.
  • Hooks and Filters to to change one or two of the output strings like VAT number.

Pricing: $79

Get PDF Invoices plugin

WooCommerce PDF Invoice

WooCommerce PDF Invoice is a popular plugin on CodeCanyon. The developers of this plugin claim it as the most professional WooCommerce invoicing extension in the world.

WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin

Top features:

  • Automatically generates invoice for each new order.
  • Invoice PDF documents get attached to standard WooCommerce emails.
  • Detects currency that is used in your store as well as other settings.
  • Proforma invoices available for all new orders by default.
  • Advanced buyer details block editor to match any possible formats.
  • Built-in proprietary document numbering system.
  • Protects from duplicate invoice numbers and gaps in the numbering sequence.
  • Supports tax as configured in WooCommerce and displays tax rows in the totals block.
  • Easily add and modify footer content.
  • Possible to use any custom order field as macro.

Pricing: $49

Get WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin

Print Invoices & Delivery Notes for WooCommerce

Print Invoices & Delivery Notes plugin is completely Free. It has over 50,000 active installs on WordPress. The plugin adds a new side panel on the order page to allow shop administrators to print out the invoice or delivery note.

Print Invoices & Delivery Notes for WooCommerce plugin

Top features:

  • Bulk print invoices and delivery notes.
  • Allow customers to print the order from the “My Account” page.
  • Include a print link in customer Emails.
  • Completely customize the invoice and delivery note template.
  • Supports sequential order numbers.
  • Supports the WooCommerce refund system.
  • Intelligent invoice and delivery note template system with hooks and functions.php support.

Pricing: Free

Get Print Invoices & Delivery Notes plugin

So, which is the best plugin?

That’s not an easy choice. There are a lot of good options.

If you are just looking for a simple PDF invoice solution (print in bulk) and also that can help manage your entire WooCommerce store ten times faster, go for Smart Manager.

But if you want only a full-fledged PDF invoices and packing solution, you can opt-for WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional.

The bottom line, choose what your needs are. The best options are in front of you.


How do I use WooCommerce PDF invoices and packing slips?
This is for the WooCommerce PDF invoices and packing slips plugin.
Go to WooCommerce’s “Orders” page. Simply click on any order you want to create a PDF invoice for. On the right side of that order you will see button options. The invoice number and date can also be set here.

How do I download a PDF invoice from WooCommerce?
This is for products purchased from

  • Go to: > My account > Orders.
  • Find the order you want the invoice for.
  • Select either “View” or click on the order number. Click the view button next to the order.
  • Below the list of products in the order, select “Download PDF Invoice”.
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