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Case Study – How Kuppelofen Saved 99.44% Time with Smart Manager

In this case study, you'll see how a pizza oven seller tackled his WooCommerce product management related challenges using Smart Manager.

kuppelofen case study

Last updated on April 11, 2024

Do you have a good number of product variations? Managing and editing them one by one kills your precious time.

Thomas Reichart of Kuppelofen was in a similar situation. He turned to Smart Manager to make bulk changes on his WooCommerce store and saved 99.44% of his time.

Let’s see how.

Meet Thomas & Kuppelofen

Kuppelofen is an online WooCommerce store that sells wood and gas-fired pizza ovens to private customers and restaurants. It’s a 2-man family venture, started by Thomas’ father in a garage two decades ago.

They serve across the EU, but majorly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It’s highly probable that the pizza you’ve eaten was cooked in a Kuppelofen oven.

Their product catalog consists of approximately 115 products listed on WooCommerce, the majority of which are variable offerings featuring diverse sizes, colors, or heating options (wood/gas).

Learn more about their business on:

What struggles Thomas faced before he discovered Smart Manager?

Before discovering the Smart Manager plugin, Thomas grappled with several challenges in managing the pricing and stock of professional pizza ovens.

He found it particularly cumbersome to adjust prices manually, especially when his partners updated prices at the beginning of the year.

For instance, he has an oven available in six different sizes and 2 different heating options. This sums up to changing the price of 12 variations for a single product.

Dealing with multiple manufacturers and partners also meant additional models and updating their prices.

Furthermore, maintaining accurate stock levels was another struggle.

Upon receiving shipments from suppliers, Thomas had to painstakingly open each product and manually update the stock. So modifying the prices of such a huge portfolio was time-consuming, daunting and prone to errors.

Why did Thomas choose Smart Manager?

Thomas found the Smart Manager plugin very early and used the free version first. He liked it and was convinced quickly that the Pro version would help him.

How did Smart Manager help Thomas solve product management related challenges?

Smart Manager products dashboard

Since Smart Manager provides an Excel-like spreadsheet, Thomas simply searches for the brand using Advanced Search, gets the required product and variants at one place.

Thomas has his calculation sheet exactly in the order of the Smart Manager product list. He simply copies new prices from this sheet directly into Smart Manager and saves it.

So for 100+ products in Thomas’ portfolio, what took at least half an hour, it took almost 2 seconds. That’s 99.44% time- savings. And it’s the easiest thing he has come across.

Similarly, adjusting the stock after a new shipment is done in under a minute with Bulk Edit when before he had to spend maybe 15 minutes or more.

Not just products, Thomas was also impressed as to how he can bulk change taxonomies with Smart Manager.

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Why does Thomas recommend Smart Manager?

Smart Manager enables Thomas to finish the tedious, recurring standard tasks in no time. He utilized the saved time on marketing and customer service.

With more phone support and client calls, Thomas could focus more on them and avoid mistakes as he had spare time, thanks to Smart Manager.

Before this, he had lots of disturbances when working on the products and now the time for these things is greatly reduced as the ‘distraction exposition’ is way less!

Not just Thomas. If you run a WooCommerce store selling ovens or other items, and have lots of variations to manage, Smart Manger is your go to solution.

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