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Steps to Sell Fixed Denomination Gift Cards in Jigoshop

A few days back,I was approached by one of our client’s on our Support System. She was facing an issue figuring out how to sell fixed denomination gift cards on her store. I assisted her throughout the process and I think it can be an issue faced by others as well.

So here’s a short documentation of “How to Configure a Jigoshop Product to sell fixed denomination Gift Cards  using Jigoshop Smart Coupons ”

Step 1: Create a reference Gift Card

  1. Create a new coupon using ‘Add coupon‘ button from Jigoshop -> Coupons
  2. Enter a name. (Tip: Name of this coupon should describe purpose of the coupon.)
  3. Select ‘Coupon Type‘ as ‘Store Credit / Gift Certificate
  4. Keep ‘Coupon AmountEMPTY
  5. EnablePick product’s price‘ under ‘Smart Coupons Data’
  6. Save coupon.
    Create reference Gift Card
    Create reference Gift Card

Step 2: Create product for selling Gift Card

  1. Create a new product using ‘Add new‘ menu from ‘Products‘ menu
  2. Enter product’s name. (Tip: Product’s name should describe product. e.g. ‘Gift Card’)
  3. Go to ‘Product Data’.
  4. Select ‘Product Type‘ as ‘Simple‘ or ‘Variable‘ as per your requirement. (Tip: If you want to sell only one gift card of fixed amount, choose ‘Simple’, if you want to sell multiple gift cards of different but fixed denomination, choose ‘Variable’)
  5. (For variable product) Make sure you’ve added attributes & terms beforehand to represent different denominations
  6. Select attribute you are going to use as denominations from ‘Attributes‘ tab
  7. Enable ‘Is for variations’ & enable required denominations

    Different denominations as attributes of Gift Card
    Different denominations as attributes of Gift Card
  8. Save the product.
  9. Now, move to ‘Variations‘ tab
  10. Add variations as per your requirement.
  11. Select ‘Denominations‘ & set appropriate price for it.

    Add variations for each denomination & set appropriate price
    Add variations for each denomination & set appropriate price
  12. Save the changes.
  13. Now, move to ‘Smart Coupons‘ tab
  14. Search & select reference coupon, we created in Step 1.

    Associate reference gift card
    Associate reference gift card
  15. Set other attributes & fields of products as per your need.
  16. Save the changes.
  17. Your product to sell gift card is now ready!!!

Lets walk through the process:

Select gift card value
Select gift card value
Jigoshop Cart
Jigoshop Cart
Generated gift card code
Generated gift card code
Gift Card code sent to customer's email
Gift Card code sent to customer’s email

Hope this was helpful!

Feel free to give your feedback & suggestions in comment section below or from contact us form.

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