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A Simple Way to Bulk Edit WooCommerce Coupons is Here

Last updated on April 6, 2021

Is managing thousands of WooCommerce coupons a headache for you?

Looking out for an easy way to manage coupons in bulk and save time?

This is the right place for you.

You’ll learn how to bulk edit WooCommerce coupons and some use-cases where bulk editing coupons feature is a boon.

Why you need bulk edit for your WooCommerce coupons?

You are in the top gear during any festival or sale days like Black Friday & Cyber Monday, right? Marketing efforts at its peak!

And one of the biggest marketing tasks is managing coupons in bulk.
Be it creating discounts, special coupons for targeted customers, issue store credit as a Bonus or others.

Thankfully, there’s WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin that takes care of these tasks.

Bulk generating coupons, import-export, issue store-credit / gift cards, etc. No doubt, it’s the most popular WooCommerce coupon plugin.

Smart Coupons dashboard

But these daunting coupons task can kill your business

There’s no traditional way to manage hundreds and thousands of coupons in bulk.

Consider this:
You want to search and delete coupons based on various fields like – coupon amount greater than $20 and restricted for individual use.

Or you want to extend all store credit issued in the previous six months or edit all coupons that were allowed for free shipping. There are hundreds of cases like this.

Tell me, will you dig through thousands of coupons? Will you select coupons one-by-one to delete or modify them?

Are you willing to dedicate your precious time to these frustrating tasks and let it impact your business?

So, how to get rid of this problem?

A life-saving solution for making changes in bulk – Smart Manager plugin.

Is Smart Manager the best WooCommerce coupons management plugin?

bulk edit woocommerce coupons inline edit search and delete coupons with Smart Manager

Smart Manager lets you manage your entire WooCommerce store using an Excel-like spreadsheet. With ease and peace.

But Smart Manager’s biggest USP is its Bulk Edit feature, also known as Batch Update.

20K+ users rely on Smart Manager daily to manage their WooCommerce store and accomplish hours of work within a few clicks (and a few minutes).

Bulk edit all your WooCommerce coupons, products and variations, attributes, orders, coupons, blog posts, any WordPress custom post type in seconds.

Believe me, users have bulk edited 150000 entries in a few minutes successfully.

Another best part of Smart Manager – Compatibility with top WooCommerce & SEO plugins. WooCommmerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Bookings, Smart Coupons, Chained Products, Yoast, RankMath and others.

Benefits of using Smart Manager’s bulk edit feature to manage coupons and your entire store

  • Save time and efforts on manually editing each coupon and other post types.
  • Reduces the risk of missing out on any coupon while making an update.
  • Eliminates the risk of wrong calculations and human errors.
  • Gives the simplest store management people always wish for.
  • Makes your life easy.

View live demoGet Smart Manager

Bulk edit thousands of WooCommerce coupons within minutes – delete, search, inline edit and more…

Let’s take a sneak peek into what can you get done for your coupons with Smart Manager.

Bulk edit all coupon fields

Title, status, coupon code, coupon amount, discount type, expiry date, description, allow free shipping, individual use, exclude sale items, exclude product categories, email restrictions, location restrictions, min-max amount, coupon usage limit, usage limit per user…any field you talk about.

Example – Delete coupons in bulk based on a keyword (watch the above video), increase thirty coupons amount by 10%, decrease the fixed amount of all coupons by $15…you can do it using Smart Manager’s Batch Update.

View and manage all your coupons in a single page

Smart Manager’s excel-like spreadsheet lists all your coupons along with its data fields in one place.

Inline edit coupons quickly

Make multiple changes directly and save it all at once. Modify coupon amount, coupon discount type, coupon codes, publish/draft coupons, set/modify expiry date directly, etc.

Filtered export

Export coupons data as per your requirements – all coupons or coupons based on date, search and column filters (export only the required columns).

Search coupons by keywords, date, coupon type, etc.

Our robust search feature will help you find what you need within seconds!

Add & delete coupons directly

Easily add new coupons. Delete all / multiple coupons based on search filters.

Duplicate coupons

Easily make a copy of selected coupons or all the existing coupons.

Phew! That’s a lot. But all are worth it.

Get Smart Manager

10 best ways to bulk edit WooCommerce coupons using Smart Manager

Doing the following tasks using Smart Manager will make your life easier!

1. Find all coupons used more than five times and having amount > $50

Input these conditions in Smart Manager’s ‘Search’ bar and you’ll get the exact results quickly.

Not just these, you can search for coupons by any conditions, however complex.

Say, coupons having a fixed % amount greater than 20 but less than 50, the usage limit greater than 1 but less than 4, the expiry date set to March 31, 2021. All those coupons matching the conditions will be displayed within seconds.

2. Extend the expiry limit of coupons beyond Cyber Monday and run extended sale

Say you have generated five different types of coupons getting expired on 2nd December. But to increase sales, you want to run an extended sale period. And set the expiry date of these multiple coupons to 4th December.

To do that, simply go to Smart Manager, search for these coupons and extend their expiry date at once using Smart Manager’s Batch Update functionality.

3. Find and delete coupons based on a keyword

Before going live with a coupon, it’s a good practice to test them first. Now, you may have created several test coupons and mostly, the coupon code will have the name test.

Deleting all these test coupons one-by-one is tiresome. With Smart Manager at your aid, you don’t need to dig through all the coupons.

Simply search using the keyword ‘test’ in Smart Manager and the coupons having that keyword will get displayed. Select all and click on “delete”. Done instantly!

4. Search for all store credits expired or created during Black Friday & extend the expiry date till Christmas or Boxing Day

A simple tactic to encourage repeat purchases.

Christmas time gives low sales. So why not extend the store credit redemption limit till 28th December on purchase made during Black Friday so that customers buy again.

No guesses here. Use Smart Manager and accomplish the job.

5. Restrict coupons only to @gmail addresses

Now, it may so happen that users having any random email use your coupon code and buy your plugins or keep playing with it on the site. You may have set allowed emails to @gmail for some coupons. But now, you want to do it for all coupons.

Simply select all your coupons in Smart Manager, click on Batch Update, select ‘Allowed Emails’, set it to ‘*’ and Update.

All your coupon codes will now be restricted to customers containing ‘@gmail’ in their email address entered during checkout.

6. Find all coupons where a product or category has been excluded

Again, use Smart Manager’s search filter. In the Search bar, select the fields “Exclude Product IDs” or “Exclude Product Categories”, enter the appropriate data and your desired results will be in front of you.

7. Search for specific coupons & set the ‘individual use’ option to true

Black Friday / CyberMonday happens to be the best sales period for the majority of online stores. Now, you may be running a very big offer. And so you only want a single coupon to apply and no other coupons.

So using Smart Manager, you can select all those coupons which should not be used along with your main coupon, click on Batch Update and set the ‘individual use’ option to ‘Yes’.

8. Extend or Reduce the ‘Active for X payments’ for subscription coupons

You have set subscription coupons for renewal payments for six months. Now, as a bait to retain customers, you want to extend that recurring coupons use to twelve months.

Go to Smart Manager, select the desired subscription coupons, click on ‘Batch Update’, set the ‘Active for X payments’ field to 12.

This means existing customers of those coupons will get recurring discounts for additional 6 months.

9. Search for all expired store credits and whose balance is still unused, increase the expiry of the same

You may have customers who haven’t used their store-credit yet. And you want to encourage them to use the store-credit on purchasing from your store.

As usual, use the search filter using Smart Manager and update the expiry date of all these coupons at once using the batch update. Then export CSV of the same coupons to send a reminder email to the customers.

10. Find and modify coupons in bulk based on Locations, Payment methods, Shipping methods, Allowed user roles

You want to restrict all your store-credit coupons for US customers or allow selected coupons for flat rate shipping.

You also want to restrict some coupons only to the ‘Customer’ user role or allow only PayPal for selected coupons. And all these in bulk!

Look nowhere except Smart Manager. But, you must be using Smart Coupons plugin to do this task.

Ready to make your life stress-free?

All these coupons use cases will surely help grow sales.

Your coupon management which was earlier a headache will now be a stress-buster. All because of Smart Manager.

Bulk edit, one-page coupon management, excel-like spreadsheet, compatibility…what more do you need? Smart Manager is a complete package. Buy Smart Manager and make all your coming years great in terms of sales.

Get Smart Manager

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