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Advanced WooCommerce Export Products to CSV

You can't stick with simple WooCommerce products export CSV. You need an advanced one. Learn how to apply date, column and search filters for better export and insights.

Last updated on August 27, 2021

As your business grows, keeping track of product data will be a tedious task and it’s easy to get stuck.

So exported data helps you keep your data organized and analyze it whenever required. But default WooCommerce allows only limited product export. So how can you analyze product data completely and better manage your store?

This article will walk you through the process of exporting WooCommerce products quickly and easily. What products’ data to export, how to export data based on filters, which is the easy and quick way, what insights you can get from your CSV export file….all covered here.

Why do you need to export WooCommerce products data?

Running a WooCommerce store is not easy. With hundreds and thousands of products, it’s more challenging.

You often encounter situations where you need to export different kinds of data externally. Maybe for inventory management, reporting, sales, designing your marketing campaigns, migration to a new store, etc.

However, we have spreadsheets today to easily manage tons of product data.

You can export Woocommerce products data to excel as CSV, apply filters and interpret data easily.

Now, there’s a lot beyond CSV export. You can gain some solid insights from your products CSV export. We’ll look at it later. But first, let’s see how you can export products’ data to CSV.

Two methods to export WooCommerce products

The first method is the default WooCommerce system. The second method is using a WordPress or WooCommerce export plugin.

Both methods allow exporting WooCommerce products as a CSV file.

Export products using default WooCommerce – what’s good, what’s not

The default WooCommerce, in the latest versions, has an in-built product import-export feature. You can use it to export products to a CSV file.

Go to WooCommerce > Products > Export.

WooCommerce export products csv default
WooCommerce export products to csv

Export all product data or export data based on column filters, product type and category filters, and custom meta.

Click the Generate CSVbutton and your product data CSV will be downloaded on your device.

However, you can’t do these using default WooCommerce for export:

  • Export products based on date filters
  • Apply search filters and export
  • Add and delete records before export
  • Sort data before export
  • Export fields of compatible plugins

Remember, without these, handling large export files becomes cumbersome. You definitely need an export plugin that does a lot beyond traditional export.

Export products using a WordPress plugin

There’s probably a plugin for everything in WordPress and WooCommerce. And there are several good plugins to export WooCommerce products.

We’ll cover not just an export plugin, but a plugin that does beyond export. A plugin that helps you accelerate your store management work, freeing you from the daily store mundane.

That plugin is Smart Manager for WooCommerce and WordPress.

Why use Smart Manager for WooCommerce products export?

The advantage of using Smart Manager plugin is that you get the advanced export features you need for your products. It handles all complexities.

You can export products based on search, date and column filters, custom taxonomies, product fields of compatible products like WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Bookings, etc. all as a CSV file.

That’s the reason people also called Smart Manager an all export plugin or WooCommerce store exporter plugin.

WooCommerce export products csv with Smart Manager

Once you install and activate Smart Manager, go to WordPress admin > Smart Manager. On the Smart Manager dashboard, select Products from the drop down. Then, simply click on the Export CSV option. All your store products’ data will be exported as CSV.

You can also apply conditions as shown in the figure.

Smart Manager advanced search filters

On the Smart Manager dashboard, click on the Advanced Search toggle. It will open up a slide over panel. Enter the conditions and click on Search. Then, enable disable columns you want for the export and then click on Export CSV.

Export products data based on search and column filters
CSV export of products data based on search and column filters

As you can see above, it’s an export file of only simple products having a price greater than $1200 and with only limited admin columns.

Try the live demo

Here’s what you can do with Smart Manager export

  • Export all products data for all product types – simple, variable, subscription, bundles, etc.
  • Export data based on product categories
  • Export custom views or segmented views i.e export only required data by enabling / disabling data columns.
  • Export based on column sorting – Sort a column, say sale price in descending order and then make an export.
  • Apply search conditions and export. For example, export only those laptops of Dell and HP whose price is greater than $1000.
  • Apply date filters and make an export. For example, export products’ data for the month of June 2021.
  • Apply date, columns, search conditions together and export. For example, export only product name and stock columns for May 2021 and price between $50 to $100.
  • Export customers, orders, coupons, any WordPress post type. Learn more about WooCommerce customers export and WooCommerce orders export.
  • Export WooCommerce products with images – featured images, product gallery images
  • Unlimited export anytime

The bottom line, you get full control over what you want to export as CSV.

Other Smart Manager features

  • Bulk edit any fields of any post type quickly – products, orders, coupons, posts, etc.
  • Inline edit – Make quick edits directly to any field using the spreadsheet without moving to any individual product, order, post, etc.
  • Add your own logo to order printing and also print PDF invoices in bulk.
  • Know the lifetime value (LTV) of all your customers along with their total purchases to date and last order details.
  • Manage WordPress user roles – change user role, change password, etc.

and a lot more…

There are other good plugins out there that do only export things. But Smart Manager does more than export.

Get Smart Manager

Top six use cases of product export

Your product’s export CSV is not just data. It’s a great well of insights. By applying smart filters in Smart Manager and then export data, you can unlock important insights.

Monitor stock status

Export a CSV file, one today and one maybe a week later to compare the stock status of products, before and after. This will help you to take necessary action like which product is selling fast, which product isn’t selling, what to order more, how much buffer stock to keep, whether to run a sale, etc.

See total sales for each product within the date range

Apply search filter to see products who made total sales > $500 in a week. If some good product sales are on the downside, some marketing tweaks are required.

Check for SEO follow links and indexing on products

Smart Manager is compatible with top SEO plugins – Yoast & RankMath. You can export all the SEO fields of these plugins for your products and make necessary changes. You can check whether there are any ‘nofollow’ links, the presence of duplicate keywords, whether meta description is present or not, etc.

Featured images and product gallery images

You can export these images as URLs in the CSV file. You can confirm whether each image is relevant to the product as well as check if any image is missing or deleted. All this by clicking on each URL.

Compare sale of taxable and non-taxable products

If taxable products are sold less in spite of being popular, the total amount including taxes seems a burden. Now, you can’t decrease the taxes. However, you can reduce the sale price so that the total price seems less to the potential buyers.

View all subscription product-related details

This data will help you see the trial period, fees, sign-ups, etc. Based on this data, you can further make decisions on your subscription products like whether to increase or decrease trial duration, raise sign-up fees, etc.


I hope this article should have given you a fair idea of how important it is to export products.

WooCommerce export is good. But you need much more than the default capabilities – advanced, easy, insightful. And Smart Manager ticks all the boxes. Not just export, it will also streamline your WooCommerce store management and make your life better.

Get Smart Manager

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