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I already have a StoreApps plugin. What do I get with the membership?

You will receive all our premium WooCommerce plugins – 19 as of now. You will also get new plugins we develop. If your support/updates to the original purchase has lapsed, signing up for membership will renew and reactivate access to all these plugins.

You also get future updates and support.

Can I cancel the membership anytime?

Yes you can. Though we don’t recommend you do it. In case you want to signup again, you will have to pay signup fees and annual fees at then prevailing rates.

What’s the special price? What’s the big deal about it?

If you were to buy all our plugins separately, you’d pay at least $982 for single site, $1692 for 5 site and $2932 for 25 site license. With this special bundle, you are getting them all for a whooping 75%+ discount.

Can I get a refund?

No, as this is a heavily discounted offer there is no refund possible. However as mentioned above you can cancel your membership at any time.

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  • Personal (1 site) $1,199
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Our plugins are easy to use. We also have ample documentation. But whenever you need further assistance, you will get support from the same people who develop these plugins! We make sure you succeed!

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Rest assured that you will be well taken care of.

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  • Founded in 2011, one of the early Woo third party developers
  • 40k+ customers, 300k+ users, millions of downloads
  • Consistent 5 star review ratings
  • WordPress community contributor, sponsor, speaker.

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Common Concerns

We all want to avoid mistakes and wastage. You may have valid concerns and questions about our plugins too.

Yet concerns can become obstacles to achievement.

We’ve listed several common concerns and our responses to them below. If your question is not listed, feel free to reach out to us.

Remember, you don’t want to become a bottleneck for your own progress!

Unsure if this will work for you?

We fully understand if you can’t decide whether this plugin will fulfill your needs. Our recommendation: 1. review all information on this page, 2. try our live demo – it will give you a good sense of how things will work, 3. quickly go through our docs – we’ve answered many common questions there, 4. send us your questions from here. We will answer you ASAP.

How much effort will it take to achieve what you want?

Buying the plugin is one step in completing the job at hand. Think about the setup / configuration / learning / maintenance time and cost as well. We design our plugins with utmost focus on your productivity. We want you to get the job done – faster and easier.

Feel it’s very expensive? Have a cheaper alternative? Cheap = better??

Price becomes a big factor in any purchase decision. And it may block you as well. But here’s something we want you to think about…

What value will this plugin generate for you? How much money can it make you in next 3-4 months? How much it me can it save in a year? Can it improve conversions and customer satisfaction?

So make your choice based on potential value not price.

Even if you have a strong budget restriction, a $25 solution is most likely not going to be better than a $149 solution. No two solutions are equal. So dig deeper before making your choice. When in doubt, always go with a trustworthy, proven vendor, even if their solution is expensive.

Your plugin does not have “x” feature. Can you add it?

Developing, maintaining and supporting complex features is costly. Why do you want to pay for things you won’t even need? More options means more choices to make. Bloated features mean more things that can break. We consciously choose what is and is not included in our plugins.

So check if you need all the bells and whistles… It may be wiser to go with something that may not do everything, but whatever it does, it does well.

Having said that, if you have any such feature requests, which will be helpful to you and other plugin users, feel free to get in touch. We will evaluate it.

Does this plugin work with Subscriptions / Memberships / other plugins?

We develop our plugins with compatibility in mind. And over the years people have used our plugins in all sorts of setups. We have listed on this page which other plugins are compatible with this plugin.

There may be exceptions though – especially if you’re using something that overlaps in functionality. In case you find something incompatible or want to know if your plugin is compatible with this plugin, ask us.

Will this plugin work with my theme?

If your theme declares WooCommerce support, then yes, this plugin will work with your theme.

There may be exceptions though – especially if you’re using something that overlaps in functionality. In case you find something incompatible, let us know and we will resolve it.

Why annual subscription? Can I upgrade later?

WordPress and WooCommerce are evolving constantly.. We keep improving our plugins. We started in year 2011 and will continue helping customers grow their businesses. Your recurring payments helps us to continue to serve you for a very long time. That’s the reason for annual renewals. Annual subscriptions will renew automatically every year, unless you cancel it.

But yes, I understand it may work better for you to make a one time payment. Go with the Lifetime license option if that’s the case.

You can also upgrade your license anytime. Read more.

Money back if broken / incompatible / defective…

We invest ton of time and money researching, developing and improving our plugins. We follow the best coding practices and are proud of our plugins. Our support will also solve any problems you may face.

But if the plugin is broken, defective or incompatible with your setup, we will work with you and try to resolve the issue. If we aren’t able to make plugin work for you, we will gladly refund your money within first 30 days. We don’t want cursed money!

Does this plugin work with Shopify?

StoreApps develops WooCommerce plugins (and WooCommerce works on WordPress). So no, our plugins won’t work with Shopify.

If you’re on Shopify, try Putler – our analytics app.

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