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14 quick tips to grow your sales this season – maximum results with minimum efforts

Table of Contents hide 1. Let’s start with 5 Core Ideas 2. And here are 9 useful tools we’ve developed…

Last updated on April 14, 2021

It’s Thanksgiving week! You may have planned family visits, devouring the turkey or going shopping. But have you also planned for record-breaking sales on your store?

Why do I say that? Well, research says that there will be a whopping 21% hike in online sales this year – and that Thanksgiving will be the highest sales day!

So we’ve created 14 resources that help you break those records..

Let’s start with 5 Core Ideas

  1. Reach out to your customers: say thanks, give them something of value or just say hello!
  2. Grow your sales: setup awesome deals, communicate them well and provide free shipping
  3. Join forces with other stores: in your locality or niche, collaborate to create significant value
  4. Measure results: use Google Analytics, or any other tool to track results of your campaigns
  5. Learn something new: sneak out a couple of hours to learn some marketing, it will go a long way!

And here are 9 useful tools we’ve developed for your success…

1. Rocket Speed Conversions – our latest free e-book that pinpoints minimum changes that generate maximum impact for your sales pages.

Download your copy now.

(Implementing even a few suggestions from the book can have tremendous results.., so don’t miss!)

2. Smart Coupons – provide store credits, gift certificate and flexible discounts on your WooCommerce store with this “all-in-one” plugin

This will especially be useful this time because everyone’s expecting great pricing…

3. Icegram – the best (and free) WordPress plugin for unlimited opt-ins, subscription forms, visitor engagement and onsite promotions. There is also a range of add ons to Icegram that you’d find useful as well – like Behavior Triggers or Overlays or Geo-Targeting.

I’d recommend using Icegram to direct your visitors to your most important call to actions. It boosted conversions by 543% for us!

4. Smart Offers – if there is only one thing you want to try from everything here, it’s this one. This WooCommerce plugin will generate fresh revenue on autopilot!

5. Klawoo – email marketing for e-commerce – flawless WooCommerce integration, with product specific auto responders and more.

This will let you stay in touch with customers with ease – now and in future.

6. Chained Products – create combos and bundles to grow sales.

Everyone likes combos and Chained Products is best for creating them!  

7. Putler – ecommerce analytics FTW – the most accurate and practical statistics for online stores.

People who start using Putler can’t imagine life without it. It’s that awesome!

8. Coupons by Location: Great plugin for local marketing or geographical targeting.

9. Smart Manager: Alright so you are aiming for unprecedented revenues this time.. Don’t waste time managing inventories, prices and changes to products. Use Smart Manager to carry out routine tasks in bulk.

Makes sense isn’t it? Who’d want to spend time editing products one by one this time of the year?


So this holiday season don’t let go of those extra sales. Get your sales rolling with these ideas, tools and resources.

Feel free to post comments here to ask questions if any!

And most of all, thank you for being our customer! We value your contribution to our business and will continue innovating to help your businesses grow!

Thank you.

Warm regards from a sunny Mumbai:
Nirav Mehta
Founder, Store Apps

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