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4 WooCommerce Extensions to Reduce Cart Abandonment and Recover Lost Sales

Last updated on February 23, 2021

Cart Abandonment has been a major issue for store owners right from the dawn of e-commerce stores.

People surf the store, like the product, even click on the “Buy Now” button and add the product to their cart, but, don’t checkout! They simply abandon the cart…

According to the 2014 census by Business Insider reports, approximately $4 Trillion worth merchandise was abandoned in carts. Click To Tweet

If you are an Ecommerce/ Woocommerce store owner or are planning to start one, cart abandonment is the biggest threat you should be educated about.

And the only way to tackle this serious problem is to first understand the very cause of it.

2 Ultimate Reasons Why People Abandon their Carts

  • Bitter User Experience
  • Difficulty in the shopping process

Although every person who comes to your store has different goals and needs, they all expect a seamless user experience.

UX is the number one reason that leads to most cart abandonments. Click To Tweet

Looking more into the Customer’s Psychology

Imagine a customer comes to your website with an intention of buying product A; he expects the website to be self explanatory in terms of where to find the needed product.

Easy Navigation – He need not have to browse tons of pages, instead there must be a clear “Shop Page” or at least a search bar to lessen the time spent by the customer to get the option.

Simple Sales Copy – Next, the product description should be written well so he can easily make the purchase decision.

Tip: Good reviews can be displayed here to make the customer’s decision even stronger.

Fast Checkout – The most annoying and time consuming step is the checkout. And this is the place where most customers drop out. Thus, checkouts must be as short as possible. Only ask customers to fill information that’s really needed.

How to Implement these Good Practices on your WooCommerce Store?

Easy navigation and simple sales copy can be easily achieved by keeping the website design clean and the product description copy crisp, concise and filled with necessary product images.

Checkout process, which happens to be the major reason for cart abandonments needs additional resources.

Here's 3 amazing tools that can help you achieve a faster checkout, thus reducing cart abandonments. Click To Tweet

Tool #1: WooCommerce Buy Now

Reduce Cart Abandonment
Benefit: Reducing the number of steps your customer requires to take to buy a product.

And there’s a solid psychological principle behind this:

The time consumed in the whole checkout process can range from 1-3 minutes. This include Choosing product quantity, Adding items to cart, reviewing them, entering shipping details, entering credit card details and finally the checkout.

This plugin reduces the number of steps into half!

It lets you create special “Buy Now” links that lets your customers directly move on to the “Make Payment” page, which is the last step of the checkout process.

How it works?
It smartly scans your customer’s previous checkout details and prefills all the necessary checkout details automatically. Thus, the consumer need not go through the painful process of filling checkout details and is directly taken towards the payment gateway.

WooCommerce Buy Now makes the checkout process quicker, efficient and less painful for the customers thus eliminating the phenomenon of cart abandonment.

Cost: $49

Get WooCommerce Buy Now

Tool #2: Saved addresses for WooCommerce

Reduce Cart Abandonment
Benefit: Fastest way to fill shipping details

People hate filling shipping address details. But for most of the stores this is a very important piece of information and thus the visitors have to fill it out.

Using this tool repeat customers need not fill the shipping details each time they want to checkout. They can fill and save multiple shipping addresses at once and then allow them to select the address they want the product shipped to.

Cost: $49

Get Saved Addresses for WooCommerce

Tool #3: Express Checkout For WooCommerce for Virtual and downloadable products

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Benefit: Eliminates unnecessary fields and makes checkout process faster

This product is custom made just for virtual and downloadable products. Now, when the product is a virtual or a downloadable product like an ebook or a pdf, it is not necessary for the customer to fill the shipping details. Thus, the checkout for virtual products can be cut down and be kept as short as just the name, the email address and done!

Such simple and quick checkout can further reduce cart abandonments.

Cost: $39

Get Express Checkout for WooCommerce

Tool #4: WooCommerce Update Variations In Cart

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Benefit: Allows user to change product variations directly from the cart

If a customer wants to change any product variation based on attributes, he/she need to remove that variation from cart, go to product page, find that variant and then add to cart. Customer lose their valuable time here and in frustration, abandon the cart.

Therefore, this WooCommerce cart plugin helps prevent this abandonment and save customer’s time.

Cost: $29

Get WooCommerce Update Variations In Cart


Dealing with cart abandonment rates should be your number one priority as your store owner. Along with UI changes, these 3 mentioned WooCommerce add-ons will help you lower those rates by a major difference.

What are your thoughts about these plugins? Do you know any other ways/plugins to reduce cart abandonment rates? Share them below.

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